All day breakfasts are cherished here at Wear to Eat particularly on a Sunday. In our opinion, 3 Williams cafe is one of the best brunch spots in the Redfern precinct so that’s exactly where we spent a recent Sunday.

Positioned in a slightly dodgy part of town expect to see some interesting characters on approach, it’s all part of the experience. Also, don’t be alarmed if there’s a queue when you get there, we only waited about 15mins so no biggie, plus a long line is indicative of worthiness right? Regardless, it isn’t long before we are sitting down studying the menu.

The space itself is quite large and steps down from the street level. With exposed beams and high ceilings, it has a warehouse feel and the lack of windows evokes a slight hidden-underground vibe.
3 Williams is only open for lunch and dinner so the all-day menu is simple and on the money. The website promotes it was established for the ‘urban dweller, the lazy dad or for those with a hangover’. We are, of course, none of the above and looking around we’d say it’s a very mixed crowd. Heavy with millennials but there’s plenty of families, cool hipsters, couples, groups of friends… every man and his dog in fact.

Food wise- if you’re a vegan (or not) we highly recommend the vegan bowl. Hands down it is one of the best vegan bowls in Sydney and if you dare to challenge that flick us an email!
The waitstaff are casual, friendly and helpful. There’s unlimited sparkling or still for $4 per person which we love and with our rumbling bellies, we proceed to order the SMASHED FETA PEAS and the MAPLE BACON BLINI. Coffee obviously.

The smashed feta peas are scrumptious. The slight heat from the chilli is balanced by the coolness of mint and if you’re hungry its substantial with a healthy pile of peas mixed with soft salty feta. Mmmmm.
The maple blini that caught Margarita’s eye also quickly disappears. Upon ordering, she queried if it was “too sweet”. The waiter promised that it wasn’t, even with the apple hollandaise and pancake base she was assured it would satisfy her savoury taste buds. Diving in the claim was swiftly confirmed… the salt and sweet were in perfect harmony. Amen.


Overall the feel here is quite casual. Although
given the space at 3 Williams is a little dark you could easily step up your casual look with killer heals or statement earrings. We did notice a group of girls clad in Gucci and Chanel which always makes us happy. Along with a fair few hipsters floating around we say rock some high-end pieces… Do it for us.

PLEATED SKIRT  (shop Angela’s pick)
DENIM JACKET  (shop Angela’s pick)
SHOES by Self Portrait 


3 Williams is THE place to come for a sunday brunch with he girls, one that can certainly take you from coffees to a few glasses of wine so I say dress with that in mind. The designer pieces were floating around so why not spice up your lunch with a  sexy bag or a shoe like Angela and I did?

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