Betty’s Burgers, Darling Harbour

Get ready for Betty's Burgers and Concrete Co to dominate the landscape of gourmet Burgers. Born in Noosa three years ago, the rapidly building franchise is quickly gaining momentum. They recently opened their seventh store in Darling Harbour this year and are already securing sites in Bondi and Manly.

We stumbled across Bettys in Melbourne earlier in the year and literally lost our minds when it was confirmed to be opening in Sydney.
Some may say burgers are burgers but this is sheer blasphemy and if you don’t believe us head to this little 50s style shake shack and you be the judge.
When you live in Sydney, Darling Harbour perhaps isn’t the kind of place you frequent on the reg but when we arrive we actually wonder why? It’s very pretty with some interesting architecture and let’s face it, looking across the glorious harbour isn’t exactly dull.
Somewhere between the convention centre and the exhibition centre is the delightful Betty’s Burgers. It’s not a large restaurant and its colourful exterior opens to the concourse with stripped sun umbrellas and a bright orange neon sign. Baskets of ferns hang from the ceiling and 50’s style music sets a nostalgic, all American atmosphere.

The menu is simple, largely burgers, thick shakes and concretes… yes concretes but don’t worry we will get to that in due course.
Our order is as follows:
Margarita – classic burger
Angela – shroom burger
Dave- pork belly burger
Fries, onion rings and a vanilla shake to share.
PS you can also order beers and vino.
Ok firstly, we have to say for all our vegetarian friends it’s very common to feel excluded at a burger establishment. Let’s are honest at best we are an afterthought… It is kind of true right? Most burger places seem to laugh at the non-meat-eaters but not here! At Betty’s there’s a salute to those who prefer to save animals.

I won’t lie, this is a cheat meal but it’s worth it. Although the obliging team at Betty’s will grill your proteins or replace the bun with lettuce leaves, do yourself a favour and leave it be… just live a little.
The bun is like heaven. It looks like one of those typical sweet milk buns but it’s not sweet at all. It’s a cloud of soft, fluffy yumminess and it almost shrinks to nothing as your teeth sink into the burger.
The shroom burger is heaven. The mushroom has been filled with cheese before it’s crumbed and deep fried. It’s a thing of pure beauty and although it is filling you don’t leave feeling heavy and disgusted with yourself afterwards.
The fries are good, although Angela prefers thicker chips (no biggy) and the Vanilla thick shake is icy and thick as promised.

The classic burger is the quintessential American style burger which you can normally only experience state side, the bun, burger and sauce seem to melt together creating a perfect little taste bomb.
The pork belly burger is as our camera man Dave puts it, ‘succulently cooked and melt in his mouth perfect.’

It wouldn’t be fair to skip dessert right?
Well, that’s what we tell ourselves as we order from the concretes menu.
Not sure why they are called concretes… they should be called “bloody good soft serves with extra yummy stuff on top” anyways save a little space because these are magic. Made to order the main component of the desserts is a creamy custard soft serve. It’s then pimped with different toppings and syrups to create the ultimate mash up. You can design your own or order from around eight of Betty’s favourites.
We opt for the later and order the lemon raspberry cheesecake and the hot fudge doughnut. The cheesecake is insanely good, the tart sharp lemon infused with the bursts of raspberry. Shut the gate! It’s super good. The doughnut one is also quite good it actually contains a Krispy Kreme doughnut! Margarita describes it as ‘bad and bougie’ and that is exactly what it is it.

Outfit guides? Well, it’s super casual wear whatever you like. It seems as though Betty’s is a place you’d drop into before a show or after a movie… we do have a feeling though, it will be the highlight of your day!


Pants by LIONESS
Sunglasses by DIOR

Margarita told me she was planning a sport luxe look. This was like music to my ears as this is so my style. The great thing about this whole sporty trend is it’s super easy to elevate with a red lip and some heals. PS we were asked if we were sponsored by Adidas, sadly we are not but Adidas happens to be one of the hottest brands that represents this look. My other personal favs are PE Nation, Ivy Park and Zoe Karssen. Shop for the latest.









Seemingly genderless this outfit somehow manages to make me feel very sexy indeed. Maybe it’s the White Fox boutique body that I am concealing under my mans jacket or maybe it is simply because comfort IS sexy? Or half way to comfort, seeing as I paired my track suit with a heel!

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