The Clean Treats Factory

Eating clean is a term bandied around by those who consider their health most important. Dining out used to be a conflict with eating clean but that’s no longer the case with the emergence of cafes like the clean treats factory now paying homage to a healthier lifestyle. It means we can all now indulge without the guilt and who doesn’t like the sound of that!

The Clean Treats Factory is one of Sydney’s front-runners in this department and it also happens to be a beautifully aesthetic space.
What’s great about Alexandria is the hospitality takeover in the last few years. Restaurant and cafes are slowly reclaiming the huge warehouse style buildings and the formally renowned industrial area is now regarded as one of Sydney’s culinary hot spots.

The Clean Treats factory opened earlier this year and although it’s 15mins from the popular Eastern suburbs, Sydney siders flocked in droves to its instagramable interiors. The rush to munch on the dairy & gluten free treats quickly proved popular along with the notion of casually capturing a selfie amidst the carefully curated interiors. We watched it gather momentum on Instagram so of course WTE had to jump on board.
We are now also fans. Owner Charlie De Haas is not just a mega babe, she’s an entrepreneur and we love a sister who’s out there making waves!

Torn between perching on a soft white linen couch or sitting at table, we annoyingly oscillate between both. Ordering from the new plant based menu we see lots of yummy dishes but decide on a Wellness Bowl and a Pink Pitaya Smoothie Bowl. Lovers of hot beverages we branch away from our usual soy and almond lattes to try a Beetroot Latte and a Butterfly Pea Latte.
We consider ourselves healthy-ish but these beverages are quite something. If you like sweet drinks you’ll love them, in fact I imagine teens would much prefer these to Starbucks. The Blue Butterfly Pea Latte almost tastes like bubblegum but we are happy to learn it’s far better for you. The ancient Thai herbal plant is packed with anti oxidants, said to promote healthy skin, hair and eyes… Sold!

We personally preferred the milder flavour of the Beetroot Latte. This pretty pink elixir is also medicinally known for its antioxidants, fighting inflammation and detoxifying the liver.
The food arrives simultaneously and it’s bursting with colour and goodness.
The Clean Treats Factory smoothie bowl is served in a repurposed coconut husk and aside from the peppery edible flower garnish, it’s fresh and light in flavour.
The savoury Wellness Bowl doesn’t disappoint either; a swirl of pesto forms a fragrant green base for a generous wedge of pumpkin. Surrounded by grated beetroot and carrot it’s a picture of health and with a fine spiral of raw zucchini with chopped fresh cherry tomatoes it’s an injection of vibrant goodness.

It all goes down like a dream and unfortunately we don’t have the time to linger or to order a treat from the glass display at the counter. It’s a shame because this showcase of De Hasss’s signature protein balls and raw chocolate slices is actually where the young trailblazer first began her journey into soulful food.
Clean Treats Factory is definitely one to revisit and with plenty of take home dry mixes to make yourself, there’s no excuse not to continue your health kick back at the ranch.


The Clean Treats Factory is such a stunning space I think the perfect outfit would be something romantic and soft from a brand like Spell. I think the space really suits that boho vibe maybe a beautiful maxi, for my recommendations here’s a LINK

Or if you don’t love maxi dresses, this is a cute spotted dress from LIONESS.

In this particular case, we had meetings before so we wanted to wear something practical so we could also run our errands. I’m so glad wearing activewear to a cafe is just as acceptable as wearing it to the gym!

Paco Loves Luna is brand new and yet to be released but we got to test it before it hits the shelves. It’s super soft fabric is uber comfy and I’m impressed to hear its all made from recycled materials.

Sleeveless Jacket by DOTTI (shop similar)
Hat by DEUS (shop similar)



I am not the active type but I am the type to wear active wear as an every day outfit.

I know the cliche of the mum and bub strolling down the street. Her coffee in hand, donned in active attire! But for me it’s much more of a nod to active luxe which is a style I can not get enough of.

I love a sneaker with a tailored blazer or a legging with a rock T. How about button up adidas pants with a heel. I die. Yeezy’s collections are also to die for in my book so on this occasion I decided to adorn the bod in a new brand I recently discovered called PACO LOVES LUNA. Launching at the end of this year, Angela and I managed to get our mitts on some samples which are adorable both in colour, fit and ethos.

The pieces are eco friendly and made from recycled materials. A win for the eyes and the moral compass. On my feet are my trusty favs and this jacket is one of my most loves pieces in the wardrobe. Denim with a statement back is a winner in my book.

Jacket by ZARA (shop similar)
Active Wear by PACO LOVES LUNA
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