Concrete Jungle cafe has been crowned the new favourite brunch spot here at the WTE headquarters and although Chippendale isn’t really a convenient spot for any of us, we can tell you it’s definitely worth scheduling your entire day around having a feast here!

First things first… the decor is so beautifully instagramable! The obligatory selfie is a must with a ton of natural light, soaring high ceilings and striking monochromatic interiors. Hanging baskets of Greenery soften the urban vibes and claiming the wall behind the coffee machine is a picture of what we’ve decided is the cafe’s mascot. A contemporary artwork of a proud lion’s head is incredibly eye catching but on closer inspection her husky mane has been artfully re-envisaged as a splaying cityscape of buildings … Concrete jungle indeed.

So yes, it’s a very cool environment but more importantly guys this food is insanely good. The plant-based menu is accompanied with ethically-sourced meats so it’s not just for vegans, in fact it’s more about promoting sustainable eating. All we know is that head chef Bryan O’Callaghan along with owner Mo Mrad certainly know what they are doing when it comes to food.

Spying the lavishly colourful dishes as they leave the kitchen, we are keen to order and after careful deliberation we decide on the blue majik smoothie bowl and the coconut feta and quinoa fritters. One thing we have to say about this food is that it’s precisely arranged and presents absolutely perfectly. You know the expression “cooked with love” well this is exactly what you get at Concrete Jungle… this chef cares… he really, really cares.

The feta and quinoa fritters are so delicious, the simple flavours, the satisfying crunch and the absolute freshness, it’s like an nutritional injection of goodness. The coconut labne is as smooth as silk, creamy but still light plus the gentle hint coconut marries well with zesty fatoush and hunks of avocado, truly it’s just heavenly!

The smoothie bowl isn’t like the overly sweetened bowls you’d find elsewhere…sure It’s vibrant and pretty but it actually tastes nourishing and good for you as opposed to sugary sweet. At Concrete Jungle food is extremely fresh and the flavours are as exactly as nature provides. Salads are subtlely seasoned and perfectly unadulterated and with every bite you discover the delicate and intricate flavours of fresh, incredible produce.

Outfit guides

Your close to the city centre so we did expect to see some suits grabbing a bite to eat or a take away coffee before work. Surprising though on our visit all we could see were those more like us, curious little foodies with a clear appreciation of fashion.


I took to Instagram so suss out the vibes of this cafe when considering what to wear. I saw the bright vibrant food and was instantly inspired to wear something fresh and boho, almost like a Bondi or coastal look. It all made sense when I learnt the chef was formally from Harry’s in Bondi so I was definitely on to something when I felt a beachside influence.

This dress gets so many compliments when I wear it, I was actually on a holiday on the Gold Coast when I bought it. Unfortunately it’s sold out but one of my new favourite labels Love Shack Fancy does this look well.






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Concrete Jungle is the type of place you hide away in to get a mid day coffe on your lunch break. Suprisingly though there are alot of boho inspired girlies taking insta worthy photos with the vivid blue acai bowls and monchrome background. So much so infact that the wait staff seemed like its normal practise.

So when you thinking of dressing here, I say don a cute coffee outfit becuase the spice alley is also a stones throw away which provides you with the ultimate travel vibes for your insta feed after you are done with your brunch at the jungle.



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