The Fernery Mosman

The Fernery may seem an unusual name for a dining destination at the Mosman club but when you climb the spiral stairs to it's top floor you soon realise it is in fact perfectly named. A vast sky garden of hanging greenery creates a lush, verdant oasis and it's thriving, not just with plant life but with people.

We recently had a reliable tip-off that we must visit The Fernery which is the latest venture for the team behind North Sydney’s The Greens and Camperdown’s Acre. Our source loved the contemporary fit out and in particular, we were encouraged to check out The Fernery’s incredible views. It’s a shame that when we finally do come to visit it’s a rainy day and the sprawling harbour and city views are masked by a heavy sky of wet haze. First impressions, however, are still very good. The atmosphere is young and fresh, with broad light-filled interiors that spill to a terrace. It is a large venue and the design uncovers various areas to gather with friends, all with a slightly different feel.

Scanning the room we spot rosé bar. “How amazing!” we exclaim, briskly approaching its counter. It’s so pretty with a display of decadent pink bottles but … Wait! It appears no one is manning the bar! Whimper! One has to assume that because they are so busy at the main bar, staff were poached from the not as popular Rosé bar. None the less it’s slightly disappointing as I’m sure you all know by now we are quite partial to the old drop of Rosé.

Abandoning the idea of a glass of our favoured strawberry-hued elixir we push on in search for sustenance. Turning the corner we discover the dining area which is, in keeping with the theme, quite busy so when we spy a free table we quickly grab it. Unfortunately, our prize table top isn’t so clean and due to the seat yourself, bistro style at The Fernery we attend to cleaning up the mess ourselves. Sounds like we’re are complaining but it’s no biggy really and once we settle in we are indeed two very happy ladies. Our position is quite private despite the busy surrounds and the bucket wicker chairs are uber comfy thanks to the styling of plush pillows and throws.
The menu much like the ambience is fresh and summery and heading to the counter we order the wagyu burger for Margarita and a Watermelon salad for Angela with a tomato salad to share. Salad, salad, burger… We know, insert eye roll.

Taking our number to the table it isn’t long before a smiling waitress presents our food. We dive in imeadiately and the fact the Rosé bar is closed no longer seems to matter. The dishes are all well received, the tomato salad is super juicy and well balanced with the saltiness of the lemon ricotta. The Wagyu burger is supremely flavoursome and accompanied with fries we decide they are some very, very good carbs. Well worth the treat. The watermelon salad is, as promised, 100% seedless and as the generous chunks of Rosé-soaked fruit slide down our throats we are told it’s a house favourite and looking around we see it on most tables.
Food vanished and completely satisfied we observe the demographic. It is extremely varied with families, couples and tables of friends spread across all ages. The one common denominator… everyone is having a ball.

In terms of what to wear it’s quite trendy and if it’s a summery day we’d suggest you follow the fresh vibrant interior palette by either wearing a pop of colour or even all white. It’s a little Hamptons and a little greenhouse and make sure your footwear is on trend as it is Mosman baby and these guys appreciate a little glam.
Before we sign off we do have to apologise. We did get carried away chatting about life and forgot all about checking out the gin room so I guess all that means is we must return!


Pleated skirts are very much part of my signature style so I chose this more colourful option, paired with a simple white tee. Had it been a warmer day I would of opted for my denim jacket and nude or tan heals but instead I wanted a little more warmth so grabbed my structured leather jacket and popped some white fishnet sock under my ankle boots.

BAG by Louis Vuitton 
JACKET by Seed (shop similar)
SKIRT by Zara 
SHOES by Vintage (shop similar)


Ahhhh drinks with girls! It has to be hands down my favourite occasion. The cold rosé, the hand cut chips and the chat, I love it all!

Hence the ‘when I am not drinking’ T-Shirt, if you guys watch The Blonde Avenue VLOGS on YouTube then you will have seen the creation and meaning behind this girly T-shirt.

The jeans are Levis 501s, the best jeans out there if you love a slouchy comfy pair meanwhile the heels are the perfect little nude pair to offset the outfit.

T-SHIRT  by The Blonde Avenue
JEANS by Levis
SHOES by Sergio Rossi




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