Fruitologist Rozelle

There is nothing truer than the statement ‘the simple things in life are often the best.’
For us, this involves a morning walk along the harbour followed by an açai bowl at the Fruitologist in Rozelle.

It’s nothing fancy, in fact, the Fruitologist is more a gourmet green grocer than a cafe but they do make quite a mean açai bowl.

Back when we were living in neighbouring suburbs this was one of our favourite rituals and for old times sake we went last week purely to share it with you.
The day is a typical hot summers day in Sydney so the only thing that changes with our coffee and mate latte order is that it’s iced.

What makes the bowls here so good is the consistency. If your an açai bowl addict you’d know at some cafes they make the açai base way too runny. Here at the Fruitologist it’s just as it should be – thick, icy and super fruity.
Topped with crunchy granola, slices of plump fresh strawberries and ripe bananas it never disappoints and just looking at makes our souls sing. We order at the counter, find a table and soon our bowls arrive… for the next 8 mins there’s no words just the two of us diving into the fruity abyss until sadly it it over.

Feeling satisfied that we’ve exercised and eaten a healthyish breakie we proceed to pick up some supplies because if trust us if the Fruitologist’s açai bowls don’t impress you the fresh produce will.


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