Hugo’s Manly

You can't argue that Sydney is known for its icons. The Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, Luna Park. They all make the city recognisable and if your native to this magnificent place you'd be well aware that Hugo's Manly is equally iconic on Sydney's food scene.

Set right on Manly Wharf, Hugo’s Manly couldn’t ask for a better backdrop. A horizon of boats on the harbour, a gentle sea breeze and a good of smattering of sunshine and seagulls. Best thing is the ferry pulls right up front so from Circular Quay you can escape the city and in 20mins be here… in absolute paradise.

Hugo’s Manly is famous for its pizzas and delicious seafood this is a venue that merges relaxed seaside dining with a stylish boathouse aesthetic. Families, couples, groups- it’s appeal is enormous and when you dine at Hugo’s Manly once you are  hooked for life. 

Your outfit inspo for this one is easy. Think a soft relaxed silhouette, floaty feminine dresses from designers like Zimmermann or Alice McCall. If your heading there for lunch perhaps it’s stripes, neutrals or pastels, basically a fresh colour palate inspired by the harbour. For dinner at Hugo’s Manly you can afford to deepen the hue with inky or jewel shades.  Also don’t be afraid to inject some sparkle as even though Hugo’s has a relaxed ambience there is an polished sensibility that elevates as soon as the sun disappears. 

We had worked up quite an appetite and perusing the menu we are tempted to go all out. To start we ordered the Prawns and the Scallops, both delicious but the pick was the scallops served in the half shell with a celeriac purée and a pine nut raisin salsa. Washed down with an Aperol Spritz and a Mango Daiquiri it was both refreshing and satisfying. Next up was the mushroom pizza, rocket salad and an obligatory side of chips. Three words yum and bloody yum and we are already craving a return. 


I’ve been a huge fan of Hugo’s Manly since it opened. The day was warm and I immediately knew I wanted to wear something loose and light. White with navy always evokes nautical vibes and throw in some woven textures and boom you’ve nailed a relaxed seaside look. 

Wide leg pants Palma
Cami Glassons 
Hat Fallen Broken st 
Sun glasses Ray Bans 
Bag Bamboo BlondeSeminyak Bali
Shoes Witchery (David Jones)


I have wanted this Zimmermann dress for the longest time but since Zimmermann release this classic in different colour ways every season I had to wait for a colour palette that was just right. I bought this stunning powder blue number just before my birthday and wore it to a sea side venue then also. The light blues and oriental print is so stunning, meanwhile the iridescent nature of my accessories exploits the sun rays perfectly which bounce off the ocean.

 Dress Zimmermann


Shoes Valentino


Bag Chanel (Shop Lux) (Shop for less)


Earrings Juicy Couture (Shop similar)
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