“Fresh, nourishing, nutritious”
These are the three aptly chosen words on Sol Botanica’s landing page. The venue, just like the website is bright and engaging. We arrive to find a vast airy dining room flaunting pops of pinky- mauve and purple. Ohh la la this is special... Walls of glass invite the fresh daylight and soaring high ceilings give that luxurious sense of space. SB hit our radar when Clementine McVeigh recently posted herself strewn elegantly across the distinctive mauve chairs. Her picture is languid yet uber stylish and her Instagram post stated that Sol Botanica was her gluten-free heaven. Given she's one of our fav fashion icons, we knew this is a place we promptly needed to visit.

100% Gluten-free isn’t the only promise when dining at Sol Botanica, the country born chef Perry Hill also steers well away from processed foods and refined sugars. He also sources the fresh herbs from the adjacent purpose grown gardens and places emphasis on locally sourced produce.

Greeted by the most hospitable host we are urged to try the house-made gluten free bread rolls. First of all, they are toasty warm which already wins points with us and secondly, they are made with a unique teff and quinoa base so it’s good for you! Served with extra virgin olive oil and dukkah it’s certainly not your average offering and we quickly understand why this humble bread is famously popular at Sol Botanica.

Whitebait & sweetcorn fritters are served to start and the chef especially sends over a bocconcini salad with a beetroot and pomegranate puree. Both are lovely and we can’t get enough of the cashew and curry leaf aioli under the fritters.

We must say the presentation of this food is incredible and the depth of flavours are particularly notable. There’s a real advantage sourcing organic produce it simply tastes better.
Angela orders the rainbow slaw salad bowl with seared yellowfin tuna and Margarita opts for the crumbed fish fillet. Although both fish dishes, they are quite different. The rainbow salad is crunchy and light – perfect for those who eat clean and watch their waistlines. On the other hand, the crumbed fish is definitely a little more hearty. It’s still a healthier take on the normally naughty crumbed fish but it is a polenta crumb and the delicate flavour of the pink ling marries well with the potato and parsley mash.
We clearly didn’t need the side of hand cut chips but we absolutely love the sesame and fennel salt seasoning. Every male we know thinks this kind of food isn’t filling but we both feel suitably sustained. In fact, we are so full we can’t even finish but then again we did over order… but when it all looks this good who can really blame us?


Sol Botanica is the kind of dining space befitting if a statement outfit. The decor is unique and quite bold so my advice is saunter in wearing something spectacular. I knew the palette of pinks and purples would work well with orange tones so my choice was this toffee coloured maxi skirt and coordinating tie top.

Top by Country Road
Skirt by Country Road
Bag by Colette (Shop similar)
Shoes by Valentino (Rock Studs) 


Sol Botanica is dreamy both in decor and menu. I adore a restaurant full to the brim with gluten free options as that is how I aim to eat. The dress I wore is just as ethereal as the vibes in this restaurant, long , flowing and super silky. Grecian vibes all the way for me when it comes to Sol and frankly I can’t wait for you to visit and let me know what you think.

Dress by Alice McCall


Cuff by Hermes


Bag by River Island 


Earrings by TopShop
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