Vizio Caffè e Cucina epitomizes that very spirit with dishes made with love, passed down from generations and shared abundantly.
Around 5 months ago Vizio Cucina swung its doors open to Sydney, quickly making their mark with incredible breakfast and great coffee. It’s the new ‘before work’ go-to and the word on the street is that the dinner menu is also a must!

To beat the rush we opted for an early sitting and instantly felt welcomed by Vizio Cucina’s relaxed, homely atmosphere.
The waiter’s strong Italian accent is just as alluring as the menu so we promptly ask for his recommendations and we get the distinct impression we are in for a treat when a palette cleanser swiftly arrives.
The delightful concoction is made with filtered water infused with bitters, herbs and a hit of citrus.
Surprisingly, an amuse bouche is also placed before us. A radish sits proudly atop bottarga (which for those not ‘in the know’ is a salted and cured mullet fish roe). Bottarga originated in Sardinia, it’s a mild creamy delicacy and with that, we are off to a great start! In our opinion it’s these finer details such as the palette cleanser and the amuse bouche that really elevate the full experience at Vizio Cucina.



Starters arrive and this is where dinner shifts gears and we are fast-tracking ourselves to culinary bliss! The CROSTINO ALLE SARDINE hits the table… This is a crowd pleaser to say the least. The deep, earthy flavours of the salami paste with the fresh saltiness of the sardines are utterly delightful and the toasted homemade bread is unbelievable.
Followed by RICCIOL, a kingfish sashimi. In comparison this wonderfully light starter served with fine slivers of green tomato, sea leaves, salt bush and sea asparagus. Delicate and simple the scattering of pomelo segments injects the final spruce of citrus and digging in we know this freshness is sure to be a hit this summer.

Contemplating a cocktail we decide to keep it simple and instead choose a dry white wine. 85% on the list are Italian wines the rest are sourced from Australia and New Zealand. We are recommended the INSTITUIT AGRICOLE REGIONAL, VALLE D’AOSTA, and it is perfection.

We then continue on to two substantial pasta dishes. The GNOCCHI ROSOLATI and the RISOTTO.
The asparagus risotto is perfectly al dente and is a lovely balance of flavours but this pumpkin gnocchi is just incredible. The soft pillows of gnocchi with unexpected crunch of sweet amaretto is deeply satisfying.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get better we finish with coffee. Unlike most Italian restaurants in Sydney Vizio Caffè e Cucina offers a selection of milks like almond and soy. Angela is particularly impressed to see that turmeric lattes also make an appearance and this seals the deal… we will indeed be back!

P.S Most of the dishes we experienced were from ‘Nona’s menu’ and all we can say is god bless Nona as she is one hell of a cook!

Outfit guides

We recommend you come for dinner so why not dress up a little. Although it’s not an overly formal space the food demands an epic outfit plus your well placed to go explore the City or Darlinghurst for a few drinks after dinner.

Angela and Margarita dressed by Shopbop


Shopbop is great for unique finds and the sales are so ridiculously good so follow religiously people.
My look I’d describe as classic meets quirky. The shapes are conservative but the prints are current and fresh. I love this unexpected clash of mixing prints. These Jimmy Choos are a staple classic shape and always in production, also the velour/ velvet finish of the Lim bag is super luxe.





I have never felt this fantastic in a dress in my entire life. Wow, now that’s a bold statement but none the less it is true. If you’re a girl who likes to show her legs then this awesome ShopBop find is the one for you. The baroque element suited the venue perfectly whilst the velvet feel and colour is so on trend it hurts. Paired with a black heel and an equally statement bag this outfit for me is perhaps the best I’ve worn on Wear To Eat. Thank you ShopBop.

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