Wild Sage Cammeray

They say Breakfast is the most important meal of the day right? So that probably explains why so many of us frequent cafes for our weekend brekkie. Wild Sage is one of Cammeray's most popular cafes so of course we had to see what all the hype was about.

Set within the Cammeray Square precinct it’s already on our radar because combining shopping with eating happens to be our specialty.

Even at 8:30am it’s full of hungry bellies all presumably deliberating “do I want sweet or savoury?”

Obviously we order both. The Breakfast Bruschetta, the Pancakes and the Porridge too!Jury is out on the favourite but it ends up being the Bruschetta. Sunny yokes ooze their rich goodness into the grilled haloumi and the sprinkling of dukkah is a welcomed injection of warm spices.  

Surprisingly the porridge isn’t overly sweet so if you can’t decide between the sweet or savoury factor this could be a good option. The pancakes however are decadently sweet… they are everything you’d expect but with some quirky extras. The Strawberry pashmak is certainly different, It’s actually an Iranian fairy floss which adds texture, further sweetness and elevates the Instagram factor. In fact all dishes are Instagram worthy being colourful and plentiful but the best part was it all arrived to our table very quickly. 

Pancakes with Fairy Floss, Cammeray @ Wild Sage
Poached Pear Porridge @ Wild Sage

Coffee is Vittoria, a fail safe roast in our opinion however for a cafe of this calibre we’d normally expect a more boutique blend. No complaints here though the coffees were so good we had two each. Looking around they clientele is varied, all ages and most are dressed very casual. Its actually the kind of place you visit straight after Pilates or a walk.

Gym gear is absolutely acceptable and even being your dog as there’s plenty of seating outside to accomodate. 

If Cammeray is too far for you, head to Barangaroo it’s new little sister! 


White Tee H&M
Jacket TopShop 
Bag Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis
Jeans Decjuba 
Sunglasses Saturdays 


Dress by Pretty Little Thing
Hoodie by Cambridge University 
Sneakers by Adidas superstars
Bag by Zara
Glasses by Maui Jim
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